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Forum Announcement: New jbcaptures Posting Rules - Read carefully
Team1. No Underage Porn Files or files from cp studios. This is a Teen Board. All threads violating this rule will be deleted without further notice. Don't try to fool us with threads that contain these kind of files hidden inside other content. If you do so you will be banned without further notice. We will check all threads very carefully in the future. 

2. No threads with direct links to unpacked pictures. These threads get so big on our database that the whole board gets unstable. 
3. Only ONE Preview picture per archive post 
4. No links to other boards or top lists allowed in any form. Only when approved by a senior moderator. That means inside the post or in the signature!

Help us to operate the board without problems. Follow these basic rules und everybody will be happy. Best wishes for the new year. The Admin Team

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